2019 Indian political scenario – Rahul Gandhi Ji

There are surveys and opinion polls debating between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi sir. I see that there is a considerable percentage of people who believe in Rahul Gandhi sir and it’s quite scary for me. The rationale behind my fears cannot be understood unless some of my ideas are explained behind my choice of PM Modi Ji over Rahul Ji.
During the previous election it was all settled with my mind that Congress has done a great damage in a decade of their rule. So it was plain that an alternate leadership was necessary. So my choices shifted between Modi Ji and Nitish Ji. Again both had good portfolios with experience as able administrators of the respective States they were ruling. Then by looking at the facts related to development of the respective states gave way to Modi Ji as my choice. I believe a majority of people followed a similar modus operandi in choosing Modi Ji. I see this as plain common sense. Nevertheless, I will be seen as a “bakth” despite crying loudly my rationale behind the support for Modi Ji.
Coming back to Rahul Ji, he has two biggest drawbacks,

  • hailing from a party heavily stained by corruption
  • his portfolio lacking an experience as an administrator of a state
    Yet, Rahul Ji wanted to become a prime minister. It’s not a mistake or crime for this dream of theirs, sadly, it will not work with the population driving their life using logic and common sense.
    Now getting back to my original problem statement of why I am so scared of the support for Rahul Ji?It’s clear that governance and policies do play a major role in the life of a citizen. If 30% of my siblings across the nation are voicing their stand allying with this man, it’s scary that there’s 30% chances the fate of every citizen can be in the control of an inexperienced individual who hasn’t demonstrated anything worthwhile. I often wonder, or to say clueless about the basis of ideas in which this 30% draw their support for Rahul Ji. Often I feel that the elephant in the room is not addressed. However, a country filled with pseudo seculars, and lutyens it’s not uncommon to miss seeing that elephant.



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