Nostalgia 2D

Was going through works reflecting my good old days as a programmer boy who cherished each and every moment of pixels manipulated. Now after 12 years, here I am doing a doctorate in Computer Graphics. But I should say here that if it hadn’t been for Flash then it would have been difficult to imagine that alternate version of me. Could have been anyone, President, Guru, Mafia boss, pretty much anyone. Thank you Flash, my digital mother.

All the swfs for the record…

Welcome to the world..

My first steps and childhood adventures into 2D. Starting with sky watching….

Earth, Moon, and the Sun: A Triangular Love story

Learning Geometry

The fundamental event that lead to love for graphics.

Geometry Box

Intersection of Circles

The Circles indeed intersect…

Belt Length Calculator

Using the circle intersection algorithm I came up with this idea to create a tool for calculating belt lengths between pulleys. The requirement originally came from my astronomical adventures when it was necessary to build a machine to grind telescope mirrors

 Parametric Curves

How about learning to find the parametric forms? Below is an example of learning parametric curves like Beziers.

First Step

Second Step

Advanced Mode


Heuristics are useful in finding short paths for example. And I wondered if there could be an implementation to test if I understood correctly.



Hey Francophones, does the map look familiar? Click two points to find the shortest route between them..


Do you remember playing with rubber bands and springs forever as a child? Below is a simulation of that eternal loop…


Newton’s Cradle

Giant Wheel

How many of you still cherish this ride at theme parks and carnivals?




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