Link to my github page, find some goodies over there. The repository is a collection of tools and utilities for Blender and threejs using Python and javascript.

What to expect there?

  • A python geodesic algorithm that can be used with Blender
  • A python plugin to perform meshskeletonization in Blender
  • A geodesics plugin to find shortest paths for Blender
  • A-Frame (also threejs) plugin to reflect the scene on objects for webgl
  • An ES6 based threejs framework for blueprint and floorplan visualizations for webgl
  • blueprint-js

    The Javascript es6 version of the original furnishup/blueprint3d. Need some royalty free low poly models for the inventory. Can someone help me with this? (261 watchers)

  • go-icp_cython

    Go-ICP for globally optimal 3D pointset registration (70 watchers)

  • Py_BL_MeshSkeletonization

    Mesh Skeleton Extraction Using Laplacian Contraction (26 watchers)

  • three_reflector

    A simple utility to reflect a threejs scene on an object. This module is still in beta. So use it with caution. (15 watchers)

  • ch_bl_geodesics

    Geodesics algorithm for Blender using ChenHan algorithm (5 watchers)

  • chenhan_cython

    Using cython instead of PyBind11 generated by Binder. Rather straightforward. I am giving up on Binder to generate the library for Windows. This attempt is to create PXD files and use autowrap to generate the PYX files. Looks promising so far. (5 watchers)

  • three-gltf-exporter

    NPM version of GLTF exporter of threejs. This can be used inside the es6 projects (4 watchers)

  • chenhancc

    A faster python geodesic path cutting across mesh surface (2 watchers)

  • as-rigid-as-possible-deformation

    A python implementation of the As-Rigid-As-Possible paper by Ogla Sorkine and Marc Alexa. (2 watchers)

  • GenericMarkerCreator

    A simple addon to create markers on mesh using Blender environment. This is used in many applications such as mapping, attribute transfer, laplacian deform etc (1 watcher)

  • blueprint3d

    Build interior spaces in 3D (1 watcher)

  • molecules-atoms-threejs

    A simple fun visualization of atoms and molecules stitching with each other (0 watchers)

  • pcl

    Point Cloud Library (PCL) (0 watchers)

  • svg2tikz

    An Inkscape extension for exporting SVG paths as TikZ/PGF paths (0 watchers)

  • Go-ICP

    Implementation of the Go-ICP algorithm for globally optimal 3D pointset registration (0 watchers)

  • threeworld

    A wrapper for creating three.js worlds the jquery way (0 watchers)

  • HairAnalysis

    Hair detection, segmentation, and hairstyle classification in the wild (0 watchers)

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  1. I am very impressed by your blueprint-js project. I’d like to discuss the possibility funding the development of some enhancements. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can set up a quick call to discuss.


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