Nostalgia 3D

Was going through works reflecting my good old days as a programmer boy who cherished each and every moment of pixels manipulated. Now after 12 years, here I am doing a doctorate in Computer Graphics. But I should say here that if it hadn’t been for Flash then it would have been difficult to imagine that alternate version of me. Could have been anyone, President, Guru, Mafia boss, pretty much anyone. Thank you Flash, my digital mother.

All the swfs for the record…

Welcome to the world (Of 3D)..

My first steps and childhood adventures into 3D. Starting with 3-Dimensional tesseract….


Tesseract Living by itself

Tesseract Controlled

Tesseract becomes a Rubiks cube

Vertices, Edges, and Triangles

Manually draw a house with flash drawing api. Interact to tumble the residents of this house…

Clock 3D

Time is the 4th dimension but can still be measured in 3D

Planet Earth

Projecting the map coordinates in 2D to 3D. Slightly serious Vector math here…

Virtual Lathing Machine


Looks do deceive. What looks as a plain white background is no more the same as and when you start clicking randomly. You will make it voraciously trying to triangulate the clicked points somehow


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia 3D”

  1. hi
    i am sukur in turkey
    İ have your project blueprint3d
    the problem is it has not touch control in android etc

    how ı can solve this problem

    1. I am really sorry for having missed your comment. Your comment went unnoticed with other spam comments. Yes its not yet fully touch compatible. However you can have your own touch control layer implemented with the source. Its open source and feel free to experiment with it. If you have any specific questions please let me know.



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